Welcome to "The Art Of Interviews" online course. This six-step course will cover areas such as researching a company, building a resume and cover letter, and marketing oneself on social media and in the interview room. The Kuhikuhi Mentorship Program, of which the content of this course falls under, connects participants with working professionals in the community who will provide individualized resume review, interview attire selection, conduct a mock interview, and provide feedback and coaching. 


Ku'uhiapo Jeong


Kuʻuhiapo Jeong is the Community Engagement Ambassador for Vibrant Hawaiʻi. He is a 2018 graduate of Kamehameha Schools Hawaiʻi Campus, a 2022 graduate of the University of Hawai'i at Hilo, and a current master's candidate in the M.A in Public Relations & Reputation Management program at Biola University. He loves uplifting, coaching, and amplifying people's truest potential through marketing techniques, both on social media and in the interview room.

Shylynn Kawamoto


Shylynn Kawamoto is an undergraduate student at the University of Hawai’i at Hilo, pursuing a bachelors degree in Psychology and a certificate in Educational studies. She plans to pursue educational psychology at the University of Manoa. She enjoys teaching, mentoring, and developing curriculum to equip participants with the skills necessary for them to grow and flourish in their own unique way. She has multiple personal experiences with the interview process and being your truest self while doing so.